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QC is all about miniatures....Quarter Inch Scale Miniatures (1/48 scale for those of you from outside the US or just into math!)  We not only chat about miniatures, but we have lots of activities throughout the year.  Many of these take place on our website, quarterconnection.com, so check it out!

Need help?  Your team is here for you! 
Owner and Technical Support: Janet Smith - desertminis@gmail.com
Auctions: Denise Osborn - makerofminis@gmail.com
Free Projects and Challenges: Paula Isaacs - paulaisaacs@outlook.com
Workshops: Liz West - liz@taffyandme.com
Roundtables, Free Projects and Challenges: Kristie Dubord - kdlm77@twc.com
ZOOM Coordinator: Jackie Williams - j.williams4445@comcast.net 
A-Team:  Fern Rouleau - fernr27@outlook.com
A-Team:  Michelle Miller - miller2325@gmail.com
A-Team:  Lesia Lennex - llennex2018@gmail.com
A-Team:  Laura Miller - minisnmore@yahoo.com
A-Team:  Linda Napier - lnapier9@gmail.com

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